Desktop Computers Gold Coast

There are important considerations when thinking about a new Desktop Computer that will cope with the specific tasks of your business.

There is nothing worse than finding out that your new computer is not suited to your business requirements

Running your business effectively requires software and business applications that work together to ensure smooth operation. Your desktop PC needs to be able to run all your business applications efficiently.

What are these considerations?

  • CPU (Central Processing Unit)
  • Memory
  • Disks/storage
  • PC formats
  • Screen/graphics
  • Operating System
  • Task

Computer CPU (Central Processing Unit)

Although there are other cheaper CPUs available such as CPUs from AMD and Intel Atom and Intel Celeron, we normally recommend PCs with a minimum of an “I” series CPU.

There are currently three major Intel CPU model classes I3, I5 and I7. We use the following rules of thumb to decide what CPU should be in a customer’s PC.

  • A PC with an i3 CPU is for light use. Light use is the use of a PC for using emails (viewing, sending and receiving), light internet browser use (only a few open tabs), remote access etc.
  • For a PC that will be used for general computing and everyday administrative tasks we recommend an i5 CPU.
  • When you are looking for a high end PC for such applications such as computer aided design, high end graphics or number crunching tasks, we recommend an i7 CPU.

Computer Memory

The minimum RAM that we recommend for any PC is 4GB with 8GB or 16GB being recommended for PCs that are doing more tasks at a time.

Disks and Storage

There are two technologies on which storage is based. Magnetic media and memory chip based storage. Magnetic storage is the cheaper of the two, while memory chip based storage is faster.

If speed is more important, flash drives or SSD drives are the correct solution. If size is more important magnetic hard disk drives are the correct solution.

PC formats

PCs come in a few different formats, the main four are:

  • Desktop
  • All-in-one
  • Notebook
  • Tower/mini-tower

Desktop: Pros: Smaller footprint Cons: Less upgradeable
All-in-one: Pros: No footprint Cons: Not upgradeable
Notebook: Pros: PC Portable Cons: Not upgradeable(except memory)
Tower/Mini tower: Pros: Most upgradeable Cons: Largest size

Screen/ graphics

Notebooks come with different screen sizes. The most popular size is 15”. This is due to the fact that the 15” notebook provides the best compromise between portability and screen size.

Regarding other PCs, one of the most popular size is 24” and the other decision is then whether to go for one monitor or multiple.

The only other consideration is if the PC will be used for graphic design. In this case a high end graphics card may be required and in this case a mini tower is probably the best PC format.

Operating Systems

Regarding operating systems, the most important consideration is the applications that you need to run on it.

Some applications will not run on the latest operating system. Once you know what operating system you want, you need to look for a PC running a professional edition of Windows.

If the computer is to be used in a business environment we will always recommend a professional version of Windows. Do not be caught out by a bargain PC running a standard or “home” edition of Windows, once the Windows pro license is purchased and the operating system upgraded it will no longer be a bargain.


As mentioned before, your choice of PC depends on the tasks that the PC will have to perform.

  • Entry level (i3) = A couple of applications or tabs to be used at any time.
  • Mid level (i5) = General computer use, day to day use.
  • High End (i7) = Graphic design, Computer aided design, heavy use.

Software and Business Applications

Your office will need software applications which will vary depending on your business requirements. You will want to ensure that your software is compatible and works together. Nothing worse than having to open multiple applications just to get one job done.

The two most important initial applications are:

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