VoIP Communication Solutions

As a business, have you considered VoIP for your Business Communications?

The acronym “VoIP” stands for Voice over IP and is the technology used for transmission of Voice calls over the internet.

VoIP can be used to make cheap local and international calls and there are apps which use VoIP technologies to make voice calls as well.

There are many variations to the way in which VoIP technology is implemented, from traditional PABXs with VoIP cards to IP PBXs that have been designed specifically for VoIP. IP phones have also evolved and now have the ability to send and receive video calls.

Your business can achieve significant savings by making use of VoIP for business phone calls.

These rates differ between suppliers and can be as low and 10c untimed for local and national calls and 15c per minute to mobile phones.

Traditionally IT companies did not get involved with PABX and telephone installations, but since TCP/IP is the same protocol used for communication between computers both on local area networks and over the internet, IT companies have started providing telephony solutions as well.

VoIP is reliant on a good internet connection for satisfactory communication and this has been the one thing that in the past gave VoIP a bad name.

People were attempting to use VoIP in areas where their internet connectivity was not up to scratch. This was not necessarily due to a problem with the VoIP technology but more a problem with the quality of internet connectivity available at that specific location at the time.

With internet connections becoming faster and more reliable, VoIP is becoming a more attractive option and we are seeing more businesses taking advantage of this technologies.

VoIP PBXs can be virtualised as virtual machines running on current server hardware or set up on their own independent hardware. It is also possible to connect IP PBXs to other telephony technologies with the use of gateways. The reason that we would do this is for failover. If the internet goes down, the PBX would switch over to the other older technology.

In this way VoIP solutions can be very reliable and at the same time very cost effective.

VoIP solutions are generally cheaper to purchase and to implement but are not the lesser telephony solution, beating the traditional phone systems at their own game.

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