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Disadvantages of Cloud Computing


Cloud computing services are dependent on the Internet

In spite of all the SLAs and offers of 99.99% uptime, cloud services are by their very nature dependant on internet access. This means that if your internet access goes down, you no longer have access to your cloud services. There are however ways around this including failover to other internet access technologies.


Security Risks are Increased

Security is obviously very important and with cloud services the risk increases. Since services based in the cloud are always connected to the internet, they are also more vulnerable to attack.

There is a multitude of recent high profile breaches, including the leaking of celebrity pictures and countless numbers of login credentials. It is therefore of the  utmost importance that strong security protocols are adhered to.

Limited flexibility

Some loss of control 

Due to the fact that the platform on which the cloud services are hosted is managed by the service provider and the automation of many management functions, some control is lost. This could limit flexibility. Mostly however this will never be a problem.

Vendor lock-in

Simpler is better in the cloud

Differences between vendor systems can make moving very complex, difficult and expensive. To combat this it is best to make the solution as generic as possible. Simpler is better in the cloud.

Cloud computing costs.

The costs of cloud computing can be high depending on the requirement. The rule of thumb is to scale down as well as up.

Too many times users will scale up a server at a time of increased usage and not scale down again afterwards. This leaves them with a large bill at the end. Cloud computing solutions have to be managed.

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