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Advantages of Cloud Computing

Financial considerations

Perhaps the biggest benefit of cloud computing are the cost savings.

This is not obvious however since people forget when weighing up the differences to take into account the whole cost of running servers on premises.

When calculating these costs one should include server hardware, data backups, power backup, power consumption, space requirements, cooling requirements and physical security. All of these add cost to and on premises solution. In addition there is the advantage of turning operational capital expenditure to operational expenditure.

This means that the whole amount spent can be written off in a single financial year rather than over a 3 to 5 year period.


Cloud Computing flexible resources allocations 

Scalability is the ability of a server to increase capacity when higher demand is placed on it.

With cloud computing there is the capability of increasing the resources allocated to a server when the load on that server increases. This allows further cost savings in that you only pay for what you need, but in addition to this the ability to scale up and down without the initial expense of purchasing a larger server up front to deal with these spikes or surges in load provides a further cost saving.


Cloud Computing is a more consistent platform

Cloud computing is a much more reliable and consistent platform with most service providers offering 14x7x365 availability.

In addition to this you benefit from a massive pool of redundant servers and failover technologies to allow failover from a problem server to another server.


Cloud Computing is more suitable for remote access

Since cloud based servers generally have much more bandwidth available to them than office or on premises based servers, this also makes them much more suitable to remote access. This means that it does not matter where you access them from, as long as you have reasonable internet access.

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