Cloud Computing Explained In Simple Terms

Advantages of cloud computingCloud Computing is the current buzzword in the IT industry.

Regardless of the implementation, Cloud is essentially the provision of services from a remote data centre.

These services can range from your traditional mail and storage services to advanced analytics on your existing customer data sets.


Advantages of Cloud Computing

The advantage of employing these services via Cloud Service providers is that small companies are able to access a level of scale that was previously reserved for large companies with thousands of servers. The cloud is the greater equaliser. Read More >


Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Whilst it is very easy to consume Cloud services, there are many pitfalls that a company can land in without the necessary controls and technologies in place.

These pitfalls can range from increased complexity of your existing technology footprint to inadequate security controls of your valuable data sets. Read More >


In order to maximise the return a company can gain from Cloud Services, we at Premium Business IT are here to work with you to establish a sound roadmap for your adoption of cloud services to ensure that you are able to consume these services in a controlled, sustainable, secure and cost effective manner for years to come.

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