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CryptoLocker Prevention

There is no sure-fire way of protecting against cryptolocker, however the best way to protect your valuable data from Cryptolocker and other malicious attacks is to ensure that your computer and network has virus and malware prevention in place. There are other preventative measures that one can take such as perimeter protection (firewall).

1. Use safe internet browsing and email habits:

Develop processes and protocols for your staff and yourself and ensure that they are adhered to.

  • Be wary of e-mails from unknown senders and even those that you do know
  • Don’t click on links contained in emails, rather, type or copy the link into your browser
  • Don’t download or open attachments unless you absolutely know what it is and that it is safe
  • Be wary of downloading and installing software, apps and browser extensions
  • Consider running your email program with images hidden, you can always show them on individuals emails when you know they are safe

2. Make sure that your computer and network has adequate virus and malware protection:

Evaluate your business networks security and protection and make sure that it is adequate. Don’t rely on free virus protection software. Paying for the software ensures that virus signatures are up to date and with approx. 1 million new malware threats release daily and with millions of different strains of just Cryptolocker alone, you want to make sure that your virus protection is regularly updating its threats database.

3. Install and configure data backup processes:

Setup full and incremental backups that are stored either on a hard drive or in the cloud.

Have your backups setup to run automatically as running manual backups is fiddly, time consuming and can be missed

It is a lot easier to restore your data than to try to recover it!

We don’t often think of our valuable data until the worst happens and we are in a panic trying to recover it. A little bit of prior planning and prevention can ensure that you, your business and your data are protected.

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