Anti-Virus For Business

Regardless of how your business systems are structured, you need to have AntiVirus installed

Anti-virus products come in all shapes and sizes and although there are free products that many people install on their PCs, this is something that we do not recommend.

It is important to point out that these free products are without exception meant for domestic or home users and should not be used for businesses.

Vendor support and product support is also only available to purchased product and not for the free versions. In addition to the product licensing there are other differences between domestic products and business products. This has more to do with reporting, alerting and management than ability to detect and remove viruses.

No anti-virus product however is the silver bullet that will protect you against all “vampires”. A recent addition to the viruses out in the wild is the cryptolocker group of viruses. These viruses change so frequently that the anti-virus products struggle to keep up. This means that human intelligence goes a long way to preventing infections.

Therefore, it is also important that you have backup and disaster recovery plans in place as well

Cryptolocker and the related software are almost always spread by SPAM emails.

The best protection is not to open unsolicited emails, or emails from unknown senders.

With corporate anti-virus products, due to the fact that there is reporting and alerting, it is easier to identify a user whose activities are the cause of higher rate of infection. The IT support team has the opportunity to then investigate what behaviour is increasing risk to the network and address the problem.

You should have an automated full scan of every computer setup to run at a minimum of once a week. There are pros and cons associated with this as full scans can cause reduced performance and users will stop the scans. If the scans are impacting on users too much it can be scheduled for after hours. However, this means that PC must be left on after hours.

At Premium Business IT we can assist you to set-up your security and antivirus management to fit in with your business requirements and improve your productivity.

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